LBank Gathers VCs, Developers, and Crypto Enthusiasts for a Web 3 Pitch Night

LBank hosts crypto enthusiasts, investors, and developers for a Web3 night meetup on May 11, 2022, at the LBank Labs Dubai office. The event was attended by crypto enthusiasts and investors, who also got an opportunity to network with each other and listen to an excellent presentation by three startups.

The meetup focuses on new developments in Web 3 as well as ongoing projects from startups around the world. The startups Tryangle, Oaziz, and ASPIS pitched their projects to the audience of industry experts and VCs.

All three projects made significant progress towards showcasing an important opportunity for investors to consider the different options out there.

Tryangle is a gaming project that helps Games to connect to the Blockchain with a mechanism of Pay-to-Play, Free-to-Play, and Play-to-Earn. The team behind the project claims they aim to offer an Unreal Engine SDK that will allow metaverse projects to process in-game transactions in any EVM token with zero code integration.

Oaziz on the other hand is a web3 app designed for people to organize events, and sell and engage communities on a new level. They seek to help event organizers, creators and guilds create event DAOs, maximize profit, and engage and incentivize communities like never before. In addition, they can issue their own tokens, sell NFT tickets, hold NFT sponsorship auctions, and more.

Meanwhile, ASPIS is an on-chain asset management toolkit for DAO funds and projects. With this application, users can create their own DAO from scratch with their own parameters, raise funds for their decentralized fund or project, enrich their product with DAO mechanics and explore additional liquidity and cash-flow management options.

Through the LBank Labs, the top crypto exchange brings together the top minds in the space to share ideas, and opinions and chat about hot topics ranging from the metaverse, NFTs, Web 3, and so much more.

LBank Labs is a hedge fund and global venture capital firm. Its goal is to bring the best startup teams into the LBank family by providing them with targeted money and services. LBank Labs, backed by LBank aims to invest in and nurture top teams in the crypto industry with a clear vision, high technical acumen, and good execution capabilities.

LBank Labs also provides assistance and counseling throughout the capital life cycle, from inception to maturity. Portfolio companies gain immediate access to a global network of resources, such as software developers, marketing professionals, cryptocurrency traders, and community influencers. We have a distinct hedge fund staff in addition to our venture capital arm.



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LBank Labs

LBank’s content center with deep insights into the crypto world.