LBank and ETHDubai Holds a Web3-Focused Event With Japanese Crypto Influencer

In its continuous educational efforts and ecosystem development, Lbank Labs gathers developers, VCs and Web3 enthusiasts to its Dubai office for a ravishing networking and learning event on June 23, 2022.

Tagged “Web3 meet-up,” the ceremony was conducted in conjunction with ETHDubai. The event brought to light the potential of the sphere as Ethereum is the leading blockchain where builders are launching Web3 projects.

The high point of the ceremony was the presence of Joe Takayama, a Japanese crypto investor, Youtube influencer, analyst and a believer in the future of blockchain.

He shared his views and experience around Web3 as it is predicted to be the future of the internet. In addition to his impressive takes on the supposed creator economy, Joe listened to feedback and answered a few questions from the audience.

Within the last year, the cryptocurrency industry has seen a whirlwind of interest and growth. Even more, the budding Web3 sector is enabling innovation and collaboration around finance, art, gaming, the metaverse, and decentralized Autonomous organizations (DAOs).

LBank Labs is building a platform that is fully geared towards shaping the industry while tapping into the euphoria of Web3. It is doing so through propelling learning, spotlighting some of the most exciting voices as well as connecting the brightest minds across the ecosystem.

The Labs can be rightly referred to as the best place to meet people in a fun and fascinating atmosphere.

While the venture capital arm of the LBank crypto exchange has grown to the assembling point for all crypto lovers, it is keen on assisting builders, from funding, and incubation to community support.



LBank’s content center with deep insights into the crypto world.

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LBank Labs

LBank’s content center with deep insights into the crypto world.