Crypto Exchange LBank Holds Its First 2022 Venture Capitalist Meet-up

Top cryptocurrency exchange LBank pulls out top crypto industry elites for its first Venture Capitalist (VCs) event. The colorful meet-up which took place on March 14, 2022, was a complete success as many VCs, crypto developers, crypto enthusiasts, and investors were in attendance.

Amid the refreshments, networking, and chats, the guests were treated to an evening of good music.

The night was set in motion when the VCs — Akram from Rareblokx, Linus from Aplus Ventures, and Viiny Lee from CRT Labs and the anchor started a live chat session.

During the conversations, the VCs stated that their best bets for 2022 are NFTs, Metaverse, and GameFi sectors. The VCs explained how they evaluate a project (s) to invest in.

For the most part, they all agreed that conducting research is the first step to determining a good investment. They stated that they have a team of researchers dedicated to carrying out such roles.

Furthermore, they disclosed that they have a ranking system that simplifies the rigorous process of sorting out which of the projects brings value to the cryptocurrency space. Moreover, they ensure to meet the developers and also carry out a background check on the intended project (s).

Most importantly, they emphasized the need for such projects to be backed by the community. According to the VCs, it is essential for any project that wants longevity.

Sharing their opinion on Metaverse and NFTs, they pointed out that some may say that these sectors are a bubble filled with so much hype, however, they believe that they will strive when developers create more real-life use cases that will benefit all.

One of the VCs affirms that metaverse has potential since artificial intelligence (AI) is incorporated into everyday life.

After an hour of insightful talks with these VCs, the audience was allowed to ask questions and opinions on the ongoing topics. One made a remarkable statement about how crypto developers need to stop churning out photographic metaverse or NFTs.

Another person opined that recently, the utility of the metaverse does not match the projects that are launched in space.

LBank continues to make its mark not just in the crypto sphere, but also among startups, Venture Capitalists, and investors globally — building a legacy as a firm championing the cause for a trailblazing industry.

The event ended with all the guests commending LBank, the CEO, Wei Allen, and his team for putting together such a glamorous occasion.



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